We strive to transform young minds 

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The CORDIA GROUP, a synonym of excellence in education, affiliated with UGC NAAC ‘A’ Grade accredited Punjabi University, Patiala, (India) and its professional courses and programmes approved by AICTE and NCTE, New Delhi is committed to the all round educational growth and personality development of rural youth, with special emphasis on girl child and those coming from disadvantaged and under-privileged sections of society. Its underlying ideology for excellence is panchmukhi shiksha, evolved during the ancient Indus Valley Civilisation through experimentation to create balance among the five necessary dimensions of education- physical, practical, aesthetic, moral and intellectual, and, the modern scientific education.

Its integrated campus combines the modern scientific knowledge with the ancient knowledge base and wisdom, through its dedicated and conscientious faculty to achieve higher and higher in teaching-learning, explorations and research to build a knowledge base by linking it with the intellectual and cultural heritage of Indian society.



The Cordia Group of Educational Institutes, located in the Lord Rana Edu-City, Sanghol, an internationally known place of considerable archaeological and historical significance, is engaged in a continuous and concerted endeavour to go higher and higher in pursuit of excellence in inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary teaching and learning process. To build into an internationally reputed academic leader, in consonance with the spirit and ideals of India’s Constitution and international concerns to usher in a multicultural world by according equal opportunity to all for mutual respect, bilateral relationship and understanding, friendship, and cooperation. Sanghol, itself having been a meeting place of diverse cultures, people, economic activities and trade, is engaged in evolving innovative teaching and learning pedagogies, and, research in issues of regional, national and international significance, to achieve the ultimate goal of global peace, an atmosphere that meets the growing aspirations of youth and human society.



Amidst the state of art infrastructure, excellent and exclusive boarding and lodging facilities for boys and girls, the management, administrators and faculty of Cordia Group is committed to:

Higher standards education, training and development of personality of its students in a progressive and sustaining manner;

Provide an atmosphere comprising of interactive learning, group discussions and debates, real time exposure through Cordia Campus and industry interface, high-tech electronic and Wi-Fi facilities in class rooms and hostels, international students’ exchange programme to enable the students to keep pace with the national and international developments;

Become a centre for studies in the field of visual and performing arts, cultural, sports, economic, political and development studies;

Act as a catalyst of change through studies in the regional, national and global issues, such as conflicts, violence, wars, and, the resolution of conflicts and establishment of peace at all levels.